midnight train.

Goodbyes aren’t easy,

You would whisper.

Why, the train moves too fast

Yet you feel too grounded.

You grip onto the laugh track

Of the life you wish you had.

Riding the midnight train

Until reality settles in.


Oh, you can’t ride the midnight train


You nod, you know.

But you’re forever-bound

To the stars.

Your eyes are never settled

On your reflection.

Don’t the stars look pretty tonight?


A heartache,

A pain,

That burrows deep into the solar system.

The stars cry in chaotic symphony.

A chaos that pulses through your veins

As strong as the stars;

Maybe, as strong as your heart.


Where are you going?

You don’t know.

You never know.

Because you’re reckless,



You only want

The world to spin in slow-motion.

You only need

One last, awakening breath

Before you fall.



Crumbles at your fingertips.

You cry into your pillow at night,

The tears of your fate

Slipping into solitude.


Is that too hard to ask for?


Is that too hard to find?

You’ve been searching for answers

All your life.

Yet, you always end up

On the steps of the midnight train.


For once,

You’re tired.

Your bones ache of a longing;

Maybe, it’s desperation.

The sky is empty tonight.

Pitch black and awaiting.

A shiver runs down your spine.

You realized it now.

She’s waiting.


For so long,

You stared at the moon.

For so long,

She smiled at the moon.

A lopsided grin on her face,

She would murmur:

The moon always shines so bright.

Oh, don’t you shine just as bright?

Your light has dimmed,

But it will shine the brightest with her.

Because she is your moon in a valley of stars.

That’s all you want,

For her to be yours.


The moon greeted you

From your seat by the train window.

You always hated the moon.

It’s too bright.

It outshines all the good in your life.

And it holds the one thing you desired.

Her love. Her attention. Her heart.


You could sit for hours on the midnight train,

Reminiscing of the “could be’s”,

Yet you decide to walk away.

The tide is changing.

The morning is arising.

You grip onto the edge of the train,

And as you turn around

To the emptiness you once craved,

You realize that warmth is the answer

You’ve searched your whole life for.

One word leaves your lips:



The midnight train disappears

Into the horizon of night.

You blossom under the sunrise.

You stare at the sun

And ask,

Does the moon shine as bright as you do?



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6 thoughts on “midnight train.

  1. Dearest Cindy,

    This piece is absolutely breath-taking and downright gorgeous. The imagery of the galaxy and the stars and the moon hits me straight into the heart! I love it! In addition to this, your use of repetition, your diction, and your flow as a poet is incredible!

    I have a suggestion that I think will give the readers of this beautiful poem a larger impact when they read it. Is it possible that you could find words and lines where you could play with the syntax? You could start a new line on certain words that are super meaningful. I actually noticed that you did this on some of the lines, but perhaps you could expand on it just a little bit more? It is hard to find something wrong in such a beautiful piece of work.

    I think what really helped set the mood is the aesthetic of your blog and the featured image that you’ve implemented. Pure eye candy. I look forward to reading more of your work!

    With infinite love,


    1. Jed,

      Thank you so much for commenting on my work! I really appreciate your kind words (the “eye candy” part made me super happy). I’ll definitely try to use syntax, even if I didn’t know that I was using syntax in the first place. Thanks for teaching me a new word?

      Cindy <3

  2. Dear Cindy,

    Thank you for writing this amazing piece. I very much enjoyed reading it and witnessing your poetic excellence. I found this piece to be very special in its message and cryptically. It seems as though we as readers were given information slowly at perfect intervals. This kept your writing relevant without letting it get boring and stagnated.
    In regards to improvement, I would’ve liked to see more symbolism in regards to the theme of celestial bodies or outer space. I think this as a central theme could’ve conveyed a more exasperated feel to your writing.
    That said, I found this very enjoyable and pleasant to read. Please continue to write in this incredible voice; I believe you are doing it excellently.



    1. Zaid,

      Thank you for reading my writing piece! I’m glad that you found some form of inspirational message from my poetry. With the use of symbolism, I’ll definitely keep your advice in mind. I personally like using symbolism and metaphors in my writing. Thanks once again!


  3. Cindy,

    This piece is absolutely breath taking! I freaking loved it! You have such a Talent with poetry. I loved the imagery of the stars and galaxy I feel like that it went well with the mood and aesthetic of your blog. The whole piece just felt really atmospheric to me which is something that is hard to achieve in writing sometimes, and the fact that you are already so talented at this skill only show cases your talent as a writer.

    There isn’t anything that I would add or fix but I would agree with Jed that you should play with syntax to add more emotion or impact into your writing.

    Again great job with this piece!

    1. Aliza,

      Thank you for your kind words :-)! I’m glad that you enjoyed my writing piece. I never knew that writing could be “atmospheric”, so I’m flattered to know that my writing came out that way. For my future writing, I’ll make sure to try the concept of syntax for improvement. Thanks once again!


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