I have fallen, love cherry motion

Into a purple, midsummer night’s dream

˚. ·   ˚  

For the creation of this blog, I had originally wanted to name it lovecherrymotion. Doesn’t the title sound catchy? I love this song to bits and pieces. The aesthetic provided with the MV is an added bonus. The lyrics are happy and cheerful, all about a girl falling in love, and I ironically fell in love with this song upon first listen. Despite not using the song as my URL, my blog was heavily inspired by it in terms of colors and aesthetics. I’ll most likely use this MV in the future, either for a header picture or a writing piece based on the lyrics.

Cherries, despite what you might think, are quite symbolic. I use cherries a lot in my stories. I’m not sure why, because I don’t even like cherries that much, but they can be molded into so many hidden meanings: cherry lollipops, cherry soda, cherry blossoms, etc. Love cherry motion reminds me of the beginnings of a relationship, the calm before the storm, and writing about the innocence and joy of that sort of love is something I would enjoy.




“Don’t you want to be alive before you die?”

– Anthony Doerr.

˚. ·   ˚  

While finding quotes to use for my blog, this quote spoke out to me the most. I find that I become a deep and poetic writer whenever it comes time for me to spill out my thoughts onto pages. This quote, sweet and simple, made me realize so much about myself with one sentence.

One trope I enjoy writing and reading about is a teenager’s urge to run wild and free, to rebel, to live in the moment, to put the world at odds, and I view that as the peak of being alive. As I read this quote, I pictured the liveliness and carelessness of teenagers in search for adventure, because they didn’t want to waste a moment in time before death. I’ve written about it before, and I never get tired of it.

As one may say, you only live once.

┌─── · 。゚☆: *. .* :☆゚───┐

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