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| bad

✰✰ | decent

✰✰✰ | it’s alright

✰✰✰✰ | wow! good book!

✰✰✰✰✰ | this book changed my life!





Throughout my life, I’ve found comfort and happiness through the printed words on pages. Reading is a hobby I’ve always enjoyed. I’ve grown, as my reading has with it.

When I was younger, I loved Nancy Drew books. I had a particular liking to murder mystery, and it amazes me how that sole part of my being hasn’t changed. I used to pile Nancy Drew books on top of one another at the library and demand to borrow them all.

My love for horror came with the introduction of Goosebumps books. I owe a lot to Goosebumps, simply because it sparked something inside of me that I’ve never experienced. Perhaps, many would say that it was fear, but I found the concepts interesting more than anything. After I picked up a Goosebumps book in my elementary classroom, I became fixated. I would read these books by the window late at night, and would quietly grimace at the drop to the ground before falling asleep.

I gravitate towards book aisles. My parents, if ever wondering about my whereabouts, know to go to the book aisles. They don’t even call me on the phone anymore. They’ve seen me too many times with my nose buried in a book. With my disappearances, I found my love of the in-between.


Thriller, simply described as murder mystery with a horror twist. Nothing excites me more than to find a book that hit all of my right criteria, and it still took me a while to realize that all the books I liked came from one section and genre. My mind amazes me.

With my reading ladder, I wish to track my growth and experience when it comes to the wonders of books. After all, reading has developed me into the person I am today.



looks like a really good book ^


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