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What do you think about your blog?


In all honesty, I love my blog to bits and pieces. I never got the meaning of birthing your blogs; but, I understand the logic behind it now, as my blog is my metaphorical baby. My main excitement from this class came from the mere option to decorate your blog as you please.

Aesthetics are the main joy of my life; and, I chose every single color, gif, and picture to match the overall aesthetic I wanted. Despite my love for aesthetics, it obviously holds me back from a part of my creative process. Choosing a gif to match everything is hard work; and, I tend to get whiny when it doesn’t fit to my overbearing standard. (For example, my blog seems very wholehearted and cute until you see my most recent gif for house of mirrors. It’s still irking me, and I posted that last week. I’m amazed at how I managed to find a matching gif.) I’m picky with a lot of things in my life. I remember taking two days just to choose the proper color for when your mouse hovers over my blog title.

The one factor I’m proud of, but doesn’t seem that important, is my organization of my inspirations. I named each month after their birthstone. I pat myself on the back every-time I think of my genius mindset (that comes up once every ten years).



student blogs i love


Camdyn ;

Hefseeba ;

Jed ;

Kshef ;

Sadia ;

Simran C ;

Tina ;

Tony ;


There are a few blogs that I took major inspiration from when creating my blog. While the blogs above had boosted my creative process throughout the semester, the blogs I’ll be listing below had inspired me from the very start. I personally don’t know these people, but I would thank them for having such good blogs. (Kidding, I’m too shy for that. I’ll thank them in spirit.)


Chloe ;

(Chloe’s blog is the first blog I took serious inspiration from. I love you, dream blog.)

Faith ;

Hope ;




What professional bloggers have you explored?


Actually, funny story, I haven’t explored any! I’m not the person to look at professional blogs. Plus, I wouldn’t know where to look. I prefer looking at student blogs more than anything. It seems more personal, and it gives me the opportunity to mentally judge them.

For some reason, I’m suddenly curious about professional blogs (thanks). I think I’ll check them out over the summer.


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