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Despite my love for poetry, my interest lies at a surface level. I’ve never been interested by poets; yet, I used to remain the same with authors. Marge Piercy introduced me to a world of poetry that I never even knew existed. With her work did I start to gain inspiration for my own poetry and writing.

I was reluctant when it came to the overall idea of Marge Piercy. I’m the type of person to be open to new ideas, authors, and poets, but it was something I barely knew from an outside perspective. I prefer familiarity over the gray space. Overall, I really wanted to do Stephen King (as it would give me an excuse to read more of his books); but, I knew that I could always tackle something that I’ve never known before, and just read his books when I had time. I’m a horror fanatic, but not everyone has my interests.

Marge Piercy and I stand at two different points of writing. While she tends to write from a feminist standpoint, I’m not the type of person to even have a feminism view. I hate being political, or strong, technically, and I hate to put my opinion out there. I respect Marge Piercy for being open and straightforward about what she believes in. It’s hard to read her writing, when I know that I would never write something similar.

I love her writing style, more than anything. It reminds me of the writing style I constantly use; except, her style and structure is obviously better. It appears so crisp and precise on paper. With each poem, her writing fluctuates and doesn’t remain the same. Even as I scrolled through each poem, I noticed that almost none had a similar overall meaning.

My emulation is short; but, I enjoyed my writing process:




When it comes to reading genres, my favorites are thriller, murder mystery, and horror. Surprisingly, I hate reading romance novels. I noticed that, this year, I’ve been more absorbed with specific authors. I found it odd, considering that I never really cared about authors; surely, I never had a favorite. I plan on reading more Stephen King and Agatha Christie. I had a taste of one of their books, and now I want more.

I found the H.P Lovecraft’s writer seminar to be extremely interesting. His books are something I maintained a great fascination with. If I don’t forget, I want to read one of his books: The rats in the wall. My only goal is to get through the vocabulary. I’m pretty sure that the vocabulary will kill me.




Chris Metcs’ visit really inspired me. Literally, I wanted to pick up my guitar again after he visited our class (and I have a mild dislike for my guitar). I like to say that I speak through music. Throughout my life, music has been the stability that I relied on. I had always wanted to tackle music in one way or another. I wanted to sing, write music, and play a bunch of instruments that I could only daydream about. I love the electric guitar; but, I think I need to figure out how to play the acoustic guitar first (without ruining my fingers).

I realized that I came to a point in my life where I didn’t see music as I used to. Music is my rock, and it always will be, but I lost the spark of singing and writing music. Honestly, I still think that losing interest in singing is a dodged bullet. Music is something I could probably never sculpt into my own; yet, with Chris Metcs’ visit, I wanted to try again.


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