me, the student

"Aha" moments from class?


  • I found the quotes from the beginning of class to be beneficial for me. While it really depended on my mood from that day, I would get hit with a bunch of inspiration from each quote given.
  • When Ms. Hunnisett did an excerpt about our decision-making through the forest, I gained a lot of insight about myself. In a way, the decisions I made correlated greatly with my own sense of character, one which I don’t mention. It shocked me, how my own choices throughout the class seem to relate to me on a deeper level.
  • Throughout our poetry course, I had plenty of “aha” moments. In a way, time in class allowed me to have a deeper sense of understanding and love for poetry. My inspiration for May included a poem we discussed in class. As well, I learned new forms of poetry that I sincerely enjoyed and would love to tackle in the near-future.




What have you accomplished as a reader? What is your plan to read next?


The best book I read this semester is Flowers in the attic by V.C. Andrews, no competition needed. I love telling my friends the basic plot, just to freak them out. This book sounds absolutely crazy, which it is, and that’s why I love this book so much. The symbolism and metaphor-use soothes my cold heart.

If you look past the absurdity of it all, this book is a serious work-of-art. I’ve spent years of my life fawning over a book I thought I could never comprehend to read. It’s next-level amazing in my eyes; and, I’m happy that I read this book, even if it isn’t suitable for everyone.



Reading, most of all, has provided me the inspiration I need to write. Even before joining this class, I could never write unless I read first. Reading and writing goes hand-in-hand in my eyes. If I get especially absorbed into a book, I start copying the author’s writing style. I adopt the styles of every book I read; thus, my writing changes and improves.

(My dad loves to remind me that “reading provides you new vocabulary”. I love to remind my dad that “I guess it does; but, I also don’t care.”)

I’m currently reading The Shining by Stephen King. I’m not sure what planet I was living on; but, I seriously never knew that Stephen King wrote Carrie. I’ve watched the movie(s), and it’s one of the favorite movies that I constantly forget about but still love. I plan on reading Carrie next!




What are your next steps to improve as a writer?


My main goal in regards to writing is to focus on detail. I have a serious problem with detail, as I stated earlier in the first section. Detail isn’t my forte; and, I blame everything on the fact that I hate reading about detail in stories (which I think I stated in one of my reading ladders). I love to skim over detail, simply because I find it too boring. Now, I skim over detail in my own writing. I can always picture my stories in my head. It’s a matter of putting this image onto paper that matters.


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