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What have I improved on as a writer?

Poetry is a genre of writing that I’ve always enjoyed. Despite my love for the poetic, I could never write poetry up to the standard I idealized. I admit that I am a bit picky with my writing. Poetry just never managed to cut it out for me.

I realize now, more than ever, why I could never write poetry. I always pictured rhyming as the typical ABAB, and never saw poetry as something more. Today, I love free-verse poetry more than anything. I failed to let myself get absorbed into my own writing, as I would with a typical short story. I was stuck by the boundaries of a rhyme scheme I could never replicate. I love poetry, but it only happened when I learned how to love the meaning behind it.


Ideally, the one genre that I favor is love. My blog seems to be stricken under a love spell of some sort, as I usually write with my heart on my sleeve.

I decided that I wanted to tackle something new this semester. I knew, from the bottom of my heart, that I wanted to pull off a murder story. Along with love, I love horror; yet, I’ve never been one to pull off a classic horror story that I genuinely liked. I wrote a short story with murder undertones a few days ago. I don’t think it’s the best of my work, but I’m genuinely glad that I got to write something I’ve always wanted.


Prior to this class, I had the basic knowledge of the proper use of grammar. Noredink has helped me tremendously. I admit that I’m one of the few people who actually like to use the website. I get an overwhelming sense of pride every-time I look at my quiz and test averages.

Despite receiving grammar worksheets almost my whole school-life, they never really helped me. In fact, I would get frustrated at them and write really big in retaliation (which is extremely scary, considering I write super small). Noredink is the holy grail of grammar guidance. I never got mad at it, or typed answers in all caps. I know how to use a semicolon and colon now, which is quite exciting.



How would you explain your voice? What is stylistic of you?



Writing has always been a creative outlet for me. When I’m sad, I write. When I’m happy, I write. When I’m inspired, I write. My writing, for most of my life, has been based off of one emotion only. My sad writing is a mess, let me say that.

I had a voice through my writing, surely; but, I never took it to the next step. I knew that forcing my writing through a school criteria would do the trick. Through school could I develop my own writing character, because school makes me work harder. I write for fun, and that is all I ever saw it as. I lacked the proper guidance to write how I wanted; and, I’m the person who needs a certain criteria and deadline to fulfill the desires I have.

I found a love for symbolism and metaphors while writing this semester. I reference the “celestial bodies” quite often. I never noticed it at first, at least until I was at the final mark of June. It is never intentional, but, like some forces of habit, I always go back to the one factor I love to write about: the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Most of all, I learned that writing can never just be sad, happy, or any other singular emotion. Writing has depth and power beyond emotions. I want to allow a reader to go through the rollercoaster of nostalgia and emotion through my own writing.




As a mentor writer, what advice would you give to future creative writers?


My holy grail of writing advice: don’t be afraid to explore your writing boundaries. The point of being a creative writer is to write creatively. No one wants to read the same reused ideas over and over again. Try something new with your writing; besides, you’ll never know if you enjoy it or not until you try it.

I’m not saying that reusing an idea is terrible. For example, I write about love until my heart is sucked dry. Despite this, I try my best to write about love with different formats, ideas, and techniques. Writing is universal. Try to expand your horizon of ideas, and write something unique.




Future goals and plans regarding writing?


For the future, I want to write more into the depths of thriller, horror, and murder mystery. It bothers me – to the core – that I can’t write good in a genre that I love. Overall, I would like to write better in terms of proper grammar, structure flow, and detail. These factors would make my writing a lot more smooth and easygoing.

Plus, I’m failing in the “detail” category of my writing. I’m starting to think that I skip over that part entirely.


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